Esfera.Club, where each bite is an explosion of elegance and flavor on your palate.

At Esfera Club, we are proud to present you the spherification of molecular cocktails with a touch of luxury in every detail.

Get ready to live a complete experience that will stimulate your senses and transport you to a universe of unforgettable flavors.

Passion, Innovation and Determination, the ingredients of our Spheres

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A collection of 8 Premium Cocktails

8 types of exclusive cocktails made with our own distillates and quality raw materials.

Its alcoholic strength ranges from 8 to 11 degrees, resulting in a smooth and pleasant cocktail in the mouth, where the nuances of each composition interact with the Premium quality distillates.

You also have 2 non-alcoholic cocktails (Mojito and Piña Colada) with which you will enjoy the molecular experience of

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    The merit is not ours. We simply listen to you, ask your advice and put into practice all the knowledge you transmit to us. In this simple and friendly way we manage to improve every day, where each person who tries our spheres for the first time becomes part of the Club.

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  • The fascination of the art of the cocktail

    They told us it couldn't be done and we did it. At Esfera Molecular Mixology we create 2.5 cm spherifications. There is no equal spherification in the world, and for that we had to change the rules of the game when performing spherification. For 4 years, we have researched and reinvented molecular gastronomy formulas to achieve this success. However, we discovered that our true value is knowing every customer who purchases our products. Without our clients, we are nothing. Thank you for the successes achieved today and in the future.