Molecular Events

Service available only in Spain

Molecular Mixology Sphere: Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with our differentiating and totally innovative touch. Our spheres are not only a delight for the palate, but they also create a carefully designed atmosphere to surprise your guests.

With a minimalist presentation in our opal white methacrylate station, we stand out in daytime events with natural light and are transformed with captivating backlighting in nighttime events. We raise the level of your event, providing added value that makes it unique and exclusive for all your guests. Molecular Mixology Sphere, the key to making your event remembered as something truly special.


    Reserve your date for only €79 and we will send you your Gift Box of 50 Spheres.

    • Exclusive service in Spain

      From the streets of Paris to the corners of Berlin, our products have conquered the most demanding palates. However, our exclusive event service, with its personalized attention and exceptional care, is an experience reserved only for our clients in Spain.

    • Up to 5 types of Flavors

      You can select 5 types of Premium quality cocktails from our 8 available. Once the reservation is made, we will advise you with the choice adapted to your event.

    • 2 hours of Service

      We recommend placing our service in the WELCOME COCKTAIL or in the OPEN BAR, depending on your preferences and event design.

    • Professional Staff

      We do not delegate services, they are always carried out with our experienced staff and our Exclusive staging. This is why we can do a very limited number of events, but we achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

    • Staging

      We do not delegate services, they are always carried out with our Experienced staff and our Exclusive staging. This is why we can do a very limited number of events, but we achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

    • WHAT ARE Esfera Molecular Mixology services like?

      The services of SPHERE MIXOLOGY MOLECULAR manage to suggest the guest from the first moment, giving the event a unique added value, being perfect to make a difference.
      The objective of our product is to offer a disruptive novelty, which will be a new and fun experience for the guests whose purpose is to provide the event with an aura of total exclusivity.
      This is achieved thanks to our SPHERES, which are solid on the outside and once in the mouth they explode, releasing all their liquid, thus creating an unforgettable taste game for the guest.

    • At what TIME should you use our service?

      Our SPHERES are tasted at the welcome cocktail on most occasions where we find a more relaxed atmosphere to taste and evaluate the product. It can also be included in open bar.

    • How long does the service LAST?

      The service has a maximum duration of 2 hours, enough to taste all the SPHERES.

    • How many SPHERES do I choose?

      Depending on the number of guests and the type of event, we will give you a budget adapted to your needs in order to provide a service of 10.

    • What are the flavors of the COCKTAILS like?

      Our cocktail menu is of premium quality and made in-house. All cocktails are suitable for VEGAN diet and a GLUTEN FREE diet.

    • What FLAVORS do I choose?

      After the reservation we will offer you a couple of established options but it is important that you try the flavors with our gift box and that the choice of flavors has a personal touch.
      We will always recommend having an ALCOHOL-FREE cocktail, since all your guests will want to try one of our SPHERES, so all of them will enjoy the experience.

    • Can I modify the RESERVATION?

      Of course. The reservation is used to save the date of the event. You can make any changes you deem appropriate up to 15 days before the event with total freedom (SPHERE number, selection of FLAVORS, TIME of service...) If setbacks occur such as changing the event room or dates, you will always have all our support to make them. those changes.

    • When is the FULL PAYMENT made?

      You can make the remaining payment for your event the same week as it or even pay it in cash in the same service.

    • What do I have to do AFTER making the RESERVATION?

      Once you make the reservation, we will contact you within 24/48 hours to confirm all the information and offer you any type of help when configuring the service (number of SPHERES, FLAVORS...)
      We will ask you, if you have it, to contact the event room, so that we can manage the assembly times and space required with the room.

    • Do the services have a WARRANTY?

      Of course. We have performed more than 500 services with wonderful reviews and 100% customer satisfaction. For us, the client is the most important thing, so we can assure you that we will always be by your side. If there is any type of problem at the event (due to weather, problems with the event room, transportation of your guests, delays in the ceremony...) we will always adapt to the situation.

    • How much does the RESERVATION cost?

      The reservation will only cost you €79. It is the amount you will pay today to save the date of your service.