Spheres Jars

Discover the versatility of our Sphere Jars: the perfect choice to take spherification to a higher level on any occasion. Whether in restaurants, nightclubs, events, catering with tray passing, culinary stations or for private clients at celebrations such as birthdays and private parties, these tubs are the key to adding a touch of innovation and exquisiteness to your gastronomic experiences. With Esfera Club, each event is transformed into an explosion of unforgettable spherical flavors.
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    • Economical format
    • Ideal for restaurants, catering, events...
    • Suitable for private clients who want to hold an event, party...
  • For Catering and Restaurant

    • layup pass
    • Cornel of spherifications at welcome cocktail
    • Pairing of dishes
    • Substitute for traditional sorbet
    • Substitute for the classic "shot"

    For Nightlife Club

    • Using the 10-sphere tub for reserved spaces
    • Complement to a traditional cocktail

    For Private Client

    • Small and medium-sized events that do not require our event service.